Space Operations Engineering Services

Space Operations Engineering Services

Novel Engineering now offers spacecraft operations services to the aerospace industry. Our engineers will provide both ground-based operations and satellite operations for your company. Novel Engineering has extensive experience in the Aerospace Industry, providing hardware and software solutions with a budget-conscious mindset.

Ground Based Operations

Novel’s engineering team will provide comprehensive support for ground-based operations including project planning, infrastructure design, and testing with full project simulations.

Planning Phase – Every space operation starts with a plan, this includes project specifications, system requirements, goals, and contingency measures.

Infrastructure – Our engineers have extensive experience designing safety-critical hardware and software for the aerospace industry. Ground-based infrastructure includes satellite monitoring and control systems, team training tools, and telemetry systems.

Testing Phase –  Novel Engineering will provide testing of ground-based systems along with full operation simulations and project rehearsals to ensure operational success and the full safety of all parties involved.

Satellite Operations

Novel Engineering will provide continued support for the space phase of your operation, including telemetry monitoring, command transmission, and anomaly resolution.

Telemetry Monitoring – One of the most important aspects of space operations. Novel will monitor and analyze data sent by your satellite in accordance with mission specifications.

Command Transmission – Novel Engineering’s team will send telecommands to the satellite to maintain control and correct operation of the satellite.

Anomaly Resolutions – No matter how well-designed the underlying systems are or how much testing is done, there are many ways that space operations can take unexpected turns. Novel Engineering is prepared to deal with these anomalies to ensure all satellite operations are continued and the mission is successful.

Novel Engineering’s space operations services run from day one project planning through to bringing your satellite home after mission success. Novel’s highly qualified engineers have years of experience working on safety-critical aerospace projects. In addition, Novel has been committed to operating with a budget-conscious mindset since our inception.

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