Resource Augmentation & Staffing

Resource Augmentation & Staffing

Novel Engineering can either augment your Engineering Team or provide complete turnkey solutions. We utilize an Agile Software Development process whereby our clients can mitigate risk through participation in daily stand-ups or by attending bi-weekly sprint reviews in which newly developed software is demonstrated. Through this frequent interaction, our clients quickly recognize our value-added proposition as a thin thread evolves into a completely functional system.

To further strengthen our team we recently acquired Riverside Techincal Services. With proven success since 1990 Riverside Technical Services has served a variety of industries with our network of local talent. We specialize in attracting, identifying, placing, and retaining the highest quality technical professionals for our clients, which include Fortune 500 companies as well as small to mid-sized businesses.

Expand your existing team with qualified technical professionals for your short or long term project goals. Depending on your business initiatives, we can provide contract, contract-to-hire, and direct hire resources. Novel Engineering will provide fully screened technical professionals who will enhance your team dynamics and make a positive difference.

  • Contract employees give you the flexibility to accommodate a surge in your workload or long-term support for an in-depth project.
  • Contract-to-hire employees are hired for a specific project and remain on assignment until converted to a direct employee.
  • Direct hire employees are hired directly to your payroll as your regular employees.

How can Novel’s staffing solutions help you?