Remote Data Acquisition & Analysis

Remote Data Acquisition & Analysis

Novel Engineering’s Remora™ data acquisition and analysis techniques are able to collect any kind of data from any sensory input, perform analysis based on the customer’s requirements, compile correlations presented in the data, and clearly communicate the information to cloud-based networks, securely anywhere in the world.

Popular Remora Application

Aerospace Data Acquisition

Remora™ data acquisition technology was born within the Aerospace Industry as an idea to simultaneously capture data from all sensor outputs within an aircraft in order to determine if there are any correlations when a system or component malfunctions. Remora™ can also be used to provide Maintenance, Repair, & Overhaul (MRO) companies and Airline Maintenance & Ground Crew real-time, in-air problem reporting that expedites at-gate repairs and limits AOG costs.

Solar Energy Data Acquisition

Solar Energy provides power while reducing consumer costs and conserving energy from the grid. Remora™ for revenue-grade solar energy systems measures power generated from solar panels prior to use within an infrastructure. It also measures power coming from and to the grid. These data points are captured and analyzed then sent via secured connections to cloud-based servers where Solar Energy companies can accurately bill customers for usage and report on energy savings.

Irrigation & Farming Data Acquisition

Novel’s Remora™ technology can be used in irrigation, farming, and water management where data collection for modeling and analysis are used to report on climate, surface water flows, stage, dissolved oxygen, and salinity. Measurements can also include consumption, runoffs, and rainfall information. Once captured, this data is then sent securely to cloud-based servers where it’s analyzed and correlated using custom developed web-based applications.

Water Quality Data Acquisition

Remora™ data acquisition technology has been sought after by city utility departments and Universities for water quality, consumption, and scientific analysis. By configuring Remora™ for environmental sensing, it can capture data measuring temperatures, salinity, volume, and other chemical data points from remote locations. This data can be compared to other environmental data and correlated to analyze effects on ecosystems as a whole.

Remora™ Technical Specifications

  • Touch Screen Interface – Simple, easy-to-use user interface design.
  • Master Controller – Controls the information exchange and the transmission of the data.
  • Data Acquisition Manager – Takes in any kind of data (analog or digital) and writes to temporary file or structure.
  • Reaction Controller – Takes the data from the Data Acquisition Manager and compiles it into a list.
  • Control Manager – Takes in the compiled reaction information and runs the low-level commands and outputs required to fulfill the high-level instructions.
  • Link Manager – Sends the data securely to a cloud server via wireless, cellular or satellite communications.
  • Storage Manager – Performs storage and retrieval of buffered datagrams, and storage and retrieval of reaction rules from the server.
  • Dimensions – Novel can develop Remora™ technology to fit any packaging configuration or into your existing package.

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