Project and Product Development

Project and Product Development

RD&D is ultimately the applied process of innovating, and here at Novel, we know innovation well. Novel has a history of managing projects in some of the most bleeding edge industries around including aerospace technology, for both private and military applications, and cybersecurity. Our RD&D department uses the experience, and efficient techniques garnered from over a decade of work to offer you this innovation at a low cost.

The Importance of Project and Product Development

It’s no secret that industry needs are changing more rapidly than ever to keep up with the pace of exponential scientific advancement, and Novel has the experience necessary to provide innovative marketing and technological research. In safety-critical environments, for example, the Aerospace Industry, research is of vital importance and Novel has over a decade of industry experience working with safety-critical systems.

Our Experience

Novel’s team of engineers have been successfully managing projects for both corporate and government entities for over a decade and are familiar with multiple development environments. With our streamlined budget-conscious approach to development, we can provide you with cost-effective solutions and a quick turnaround time without sacrificing on the level of safety and innovation necessary in your industry.

Marketing Innovation

One frequently overlooked but critical element of successful innovation is the ability to demonstrate the value of your research, product, or system. Here at Novel, we know what a good idea looks like and how to effectively market innovation in markets filled to the brim with new ideas.

Novel Engineering has extensive experience in the areas of Research, Design and Development. With over a decade spent working in a variety of development environments and experience working on projects with both government and corporate entities, we can help you innovate and get your project out into the market on time and under budget.