Our Leadership

Our Leadership

Misty Marot

Misty Marot, an alumni of Florida Institute of Technology, has supported the community for the past 20 years working with a diverse spectrum of settings by promoting and utilizing practices, strategies and tools that drive sustained habits.

With her extensive experience in organizational management, she has been consulting with organizations in various industries to accelerate performance understanding that people are the most important factor in any company and organization.

She has spent her post-graduate career helping people and organizations apply scientifically-proven strategies to optimize performance. Misty has successfully mentored, led, and managed large group projects in various tasks employing these strategies in fixed-time constraints.

As the owner, co-founder, CEO, and President of Novel Engineering, Misty focuses on infusing these same timeless scientifically proven methodologies to maximize workplace motivation, performance, and achieve lasting results at her company. Misty additionally supports the Novel Engineering team by cultivating employee engagement and accountability at all levels of the organization. She believes in the team approach to leadership and mentoring as Novel was founded by an inspiring group of well-experienced engineers and business professionals.

Misty is committed to employee and customer satisfaction. She has high expectations and sets high goals. Misty believes in endurance, commitment, and perseverance. She enjoys traveling, working out, surfing, music, movies, SCUBA, and coffee.

Christopher Marot
COO/Vice President

Chris Marot received his Bachelors of Science Degree, Magna Cum Laude, from Florida Institute of Technology (FIT) in the spring of 2000 majoring in Applied Mathematics and Computer Engineering. Mr. Marot’s early career focused on safety-critical avionics development and safety certification in the commercial and military markets for companies such as Boeing, Airbus, Embraer, Harris, Rockwell Collins, Meggitt Aerospace, etc.

Since 2007, Mr. Marot has specialized in the design, development, and certification of safety critical electronics using the latest technologies and methodologies in embedded software, firmware, and electrical design with several companies. Mr. Marot served as COO for most of those ventures. During this time, among notable accomplishments, he drove revenues that produced above-average returns for each corporation’s shareholders, oversaw 55+ full-time engineers, and filed three patents in support of Model-Based Systems Engineering. After his tenure in safety-critical engineering services, Mr. Marot joined Amovius LLC, a web and business software consulting startup, as Director of Software Development. Mr. Marot is currently pursuing his PhD. in Electrical Engineering at FIT.