Independent Verification & Validation

Independent Verification & Validation

One most important steps you must take before your product hits the market is verification and validation. If your product doesn’t meet the specifications laid out for it, it is of no use to anyone and it’s vital to catch any discrepancies as early as possible. When you begin checking your product against design specifications and system requirements it’s helpful to have an independent and unbiased third party who can perform this testing. Novel has extensive experience with product design specification and project planning and can help you verify that your products or systems meet the requirements you set forth.

It’s helpful to think of the IV&V (Independent Verification and Validation) process as two different ideas, the verification, and the validation.

Verification is the task of analyzing the design process. Some questions that this can answer are:

  • Are we developing this product in the most efficient and cost effective manner?
  • Is our source code correct, well-documented and efficient?
  • Is our product being designed strictly in adherence to the product requirements?

Validation is the task of examining a product’s output and proving with documented and repeatable testing that the product is performing exactly as it should give the product requirements. Some questions that validation can answer are:

  • Does our product work correctly?
  • Will our target users be satisfied with our product?
  • Is our product ready for release?

Both of these processes are vital and they are most effective when performed together by an objective third party with IV&V experience.

Novel has been designing systems and spearheading projects for over a decade and we are intimately familiar with the process of laying out system specifications or product requirements and seeing them through. This experience working within the entire project life-cycle is what Novel can offer to you to ensure successful product verification and validation.