Cyber Security

Government Cyber Securtiy

Cyber Intelligence – Controlling the Battlefield

Novel Engineering provides continuous innovative solutions for the full spectrum of cyber security that achieves the missions of the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security – Cyber:

  • Defend DoD networks, systems, and information.
  • Defend the US homestead and US national interest against cyber attacks of significant consequence.
  • Provide cyber support to military operational and contingency plans.

Novel understands the difficulties when battling to secure cyberspace to protect National Security and Economic Infrastructures such as the ability for actors to operate from anywhere in the world, the connections from cyberspace and physical systems, and reducing vulnerability in complex cyber networks.

Cyber Capabilities

Government Cyber CapabilitiesNovel has expert capabilities for cyber operations and can integrating these capabilities into the tools that the United States government uses to defend U.S. national interests, including diplomatic, informational, military, economic, financial, and law enforcement tools.

Our capabilities stem from years of experience developing, designing, and testing innovative solutions that meet security requirements regarding the protection of big data, network infrastructures, and systems. These capabilities include system, software & hardware design, simulation & testing, training, risk mitigation, and analysis.

Novel’s engineering services and solutions cover six main areas for providing a secure infrastructure to cyberspace networks and physical servers. These areas include defensive strategies & innovation, securing private & public networks and data, biometric intelligence, full resiliency, mobile deployment, and cyber analytics.

For more information on how Novel can help with providing solutions for government and economic cyber security initiatives, please Contact Us today to schedule an appointment with one of our Business Development Representatives.