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Automation Call Out Services

Novel’s knowledgeable and friendly engineers provide call out service for PLC, SCADA, and end device related problems for industrial automation throughout the nation. Novel provides on-site SCADA and remote support for optimal response to any situation. Novel’s goal is to predict changing needs and prepare for them before a problem arises. Novel works with your industrial automation infrastructures to help you to grow with ease and stability. Novel exceeds your requirements for accurate process and automation control.

Novel can save on budget costs, scheduling, and productivity using innovative strategies:

Proactive Maintenance Services
After your emergency is over, Novel’s engineers perform a risk assessment on the remainder of the job site.

Continual Monitoring and Contact
Novel maintains a close relationship with its customers during and after a job has been completed to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Leveraging Off-site Resources
While an on-site engineer is troubleshooting in the field, off-site engineers can analyze and update software, or aid troubleshooting remotely.

Energy Controls Engineering


Safety is the first priority on any job. Novel’s engineers are trained to follow industry standard safety procedures. Beyond following the industry standard safety protocols, our engineers are experienced in recognizing and working in proximity to malfunctioned or hazardous equipment. Novel will assess your job site to ensure the job can be performed in a manner that is safe to personnel, your facility’s equipment, and the environment. Novel complies with all your SEMS requirements. Novel control engineers have received the following trainings:

  • IADC Rig Pass including SafeGulf and SafeLandUSA
  • Production Systems Safety Training (T-2)
  • Offshore Water Survival / Helicopter Underwater Egress Training (HUET)
  • Personnel Transfer Basket / Swing Rope Training


All of Novel’s control engineers are highly trained. Novel’s Control Systems Technicians and PLC Programmers have at least 15 years of on-the-job training and certification from recognized training programs. Novel has worked with many service companies and has operated throughout Louisiana and Texas both onshore and offshore in the Gulf of Mexico in state and federal waters. Novel’s resource augmentation strategies allow for engineers to perform work under established Maintenance Service Agreements (MSAs) with your company if one does not exist directly between Novel. Novel’s control engineers are dedicated to finding solutions for “stop-work” issues and problems in order to get your company back to production with minimal downtime.